"I bring your vision to life." 

Resume' Preparation, Business Writing, Professional Editing, Website Design, Digital Marketing

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Areas Of Expertise

Through a variety of expert capacities, I prepare exceptional compositions and designs to meet a vast portfolio of technical, academic, professional editing, and digital marketing demands.  

Resume'/ CV Preparation 

Prices starting at: $150


This is my specialty. You may require this service if you want to return to work, change careers, are a recent college graduate pursuing an internship, or a diversified professional seeking transition. This service includes a free review of your current resume. 

Website Design & Authoring

Prices starting at: $750


Websites are essential to promote your store, business, or digital resume. I will build a stylish and effective design  unique to your brand. This service includes authoring persuasive content, a functional format, and interactivity options.   

Business & Grant Writing 

Prices starting at: $300

A Business Plan or Grant Proposal, are but two types of essential documents required to initiate, sustain, or expand your business. They are tools to understanding how your business is put together, generates revenue, and expand.

Professional & Academic Editing 

Prices starting at: $30/h

I am an extremely critical reader and lover of words. I will review and edit your manuscript,  research paper, and numerous other works to polish and perfect your grammar and message.  I take editing very seriously and will confidently serve as the gatekeeper between your writing and intended audience

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

Prices starting at: $50/h


In addition to a website, digital marketing is a proven method of promoting your business or artistry to an enormous audience in a way that is cost effective and measurable. I will consult with you about your objectives and prepare your Press Kit, Model Book, Google Business Page, Business Card, Catalog, Menus and much more. 

Free Initial 



I believe you shouldn’t have to pay to share your ideas or to request assistance. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 60-minute initial consultation completely free of charge.


During this process, I will listen to your needs, advise you on the best manner to proceed, then partner with you from start to finish.

Real People. 

Real Success. 

Whether you're facing the unexpected loss of a job, seeking to reenter the workforce, need to structure a business plan or design a website, SDC will help you succeed. 


“...Porsha is very professional, efficient and knowledgeable. She takes time to get to know her clients to fully understand their needs before she even starts writing. I highly recommend Write Touch Consulting for all of your writing needs--you will not be disappointed!"

Ready to get started?

Stuckey Compositions & Designs is ready to meet you where you are. Whether you're in the beginning phases of your project, feeling stuck in the midst of a work in progress, or are simply unsure where to begin, I will help you bring to a structure to your plan and life to your vision. 

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