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  • Ideal for high school and college graduates, internship applicants, practicum applicants, etc. 

  • 1-4 years' work history. 

  • Includes cover letter and minimalist design. 



  • Ideal for retiring service members who need to covert their military experiences and skills to civilian terms

  • 5 - 9 years' work history. 

  • Exhaustive list of education, skills, and training 

  • Tailored Cover Letter

  • Professional references list 

  • HTML design 



  • Ideal for professionals with more than 4 years of experience in a particular field or the general workforce. 

  • 5 - 9 years' work history 

  • Exhaustive list of education, skills and training. 

  • Tailored cover letter 

  • Professional references list 

  • HTML or minialist design. 



  • Ideal for professionals who need to showcase and exemplify a particular area of expertise ( i.e.: counseling expertise, customer service, career development knowledge, attention to details, and recordkeeping) 

  • 10 - 12 years' work history

  • Exhaustive list of education, skills, and training 

  • Tailored Cover Letter 

  • Professional refernces list 

  • HTML or Minimalist design 



  • Ideal for applicants seeking to enter or ascend senior leadership roles within a corporation or non-profit organization. 

  • 12 - 20 years' + career history 

  • Exhaustive list of education, skills, and training 

  • Tailored cover letter 

  • Professional references list 

  • HTML & minimalist design 



  • Converting your resume to a website is ideal for professionals of notoriety such as a motivational speaker, teacher, or consultant. As well, digital resumes are perfect for graphic design specialists, artists, musicians, and  models, who cannot dynamically share relevant information such as articles and books you've written, radio and T.V. appearances, a modeling portfolio and other projects you've created or attributed to. 

  • Digital websites should include at least 5 years' of work history. 

  • An exhaustive list of education, skills, and training included

  • Professional references also included

  • Professional photos of yourself and external links to projects and other works strongly encouraged.



  • Cover Letter

  • Salary History 

  • Professional References Sheet

  • Letter of Recommendation 

  • Academic Biography 



A beginner resume, sometimes referred to as an "entry-level resume," is a resume that focuses on emphasizing your soft skills, education and accomplishments in lieu of relevant work history. Beginner resumes are most commonly used by people just entering the workforce such as students or recent graduates. A beginner resume may also be used by someone who has changed careers and has little to no experience in the new career field.

Beginner resumes often focus on what the person has learned thus far in relation to the job being applied for and that the individual has the appropriate soft skills and willingness to learn that would make them a good fit for the position. As with other types of resumes, a beginner resume should be personalized to the individual as well as customized to suit each job being applied for.


A military-to-civilian resume is a job application document in which you can showcase your relevant, transferable military experience to non-military, or civilian, jobs. Like a traditional resume, it includes information such as professional experience, education, skills and other miscellaneous but relevant items, like certifications or awards. This resume is useful for individuals with military experience seeking a civilian job.


A professional resume is utilized by persons who earn their living from performing an activity that requires a certain level of education, skill, or training. These individuals have worked in a professional field of work for a minimum of four years or more and are seeking a lateral position, (an equivalent position), or to move up the employment ladder. 


A specialist resume' highlights specialized skills such as counseling expertise, customer service, career development knowledge, attention to details and recordkeeping. There are many more different types of specialists that exist in the workforce, however, the term "specialist" is often used in the medical field as it differentiates a standard physician from a surgeon, for example. These individuals have often studied a particular field of expertise and have earned a bachelor degree or higher. 


Executive resumes are reserved for business executives who are and have been responsible for running an organization or government agency. Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operation Officers, Vice Presidents, and Directors are some examples of persons who will need an executive resume. 


Your personal resume website is a digital version of the traditional paper resume. It shows your education, skills, and previous positions or projects you've worked on. But, it also shows things you cannot accurately share using a paper resume. Basically, you're going to transform each section of your resume into a page on your website. So, your home page might be akin to an objective or summary.

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