Stuckey Compositions & Designs empowers clients to turn their business ideas into outstanding realizations through compelling written word, dynamic design, and strategic marketing. 

About Stuckey Business Consulting

Stuckey Business Consulting, LLC  is an ambitious specialty writing, graphic design, and process management consulting firm headquartered in Colorado Springs. The company was established in 2000 by Porsha Stuckey, CEO, who attributes twenty years' experience in specialized writing and professional consultancy.


Stuckey Business Consulting is a competent and trusted provider throughout Colorado Springs and the Denver Metropolitan area, having successfully counseled a vast array of clients concerning their academic projects, non-profit endeavors, and business needs. Porsha Stuckey is also the Assistant Editor and Chief Consultant for the My black Colorado annual publication.  

Why Choose Stuckey Compositions?

The Stuckey enterprise is run by and contracts with self-made entrepreneurs and small business owners. This means our consultants have been where our clients are, faced the same challenges, overcome them, and achieved success in various business sectors.


Our clients are the beneficiaries of our consultants' hands-on experiences, as well as the profiteers. What sets the Stuckey Enterprise apart from our competitors is our intrinsic ability to meet our clients where they are on an emotional and psychological level, and competently help them ascend their goals with transparency, integrity, and trust. 

Who I Serve

The clients I serve have a desire to initiate, sustain, or expand their career or business endeavors. I mission to help our clients stand out by creating works of expert composition and dynamic design.


Students, graduates, entrepreneurs, small business owners, job seekers, career transitioners, performance artists, authors, bloggers, and real estate professionals are the ideal candidates for our specialty services.

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Mail: info@Stuckey.Consulting

Tel: 719-631-3939